Bowl-ed Over With That Gesture

, , , | Hopeless | July 16, 2016

(At a local frozen yogurt bar, where you can get frozen yogurt and toppings, they have a system where once you get so many points, you can use them to get $5 off a purchase. I normally am under that on a normal day, so money isn’t an issue. However, that system is currently having work done to it, so it can’t be used. The worker at the till asked me if I knew how many points I had.)

Me: “No, not exactly. I know the system is down, though.”

Her: “Here, what’s the phone number on the account?” *after I give it to her* “You’ve got enough for $5 off. Go get yourself a bowl.”

(I essentially got a bowl for free, and I thought I would have to pay since their system is down. It’s gonna be a hot day today, and her gesture was as sweet as the yogurt!)

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