Bowel-ed Over Laughing

| Learning | January 1, 2016

(I am a student-teacher taking over a geography class. The students are working on their major assignment for this term. They have been given information on the Murray-Darling basin, Australia’s ‘food bowl’ – as in, the area where most of Australia’s farmland, and hence, food production, is concentrated. Their task is to find an alternative location with the right climate, rainfall, geographical features, etc. that could also be a suitable ‘food bowl.’ As I’m checking their books so far, I see several students misspell the word ‘bowl’. I go up to the board.)

Me: “Class, how do we spell ‘bowl’ in food bowl?”

Class: ‘B-O-W-L”

Me: *writing this on the board* “Very good. Be very careful to spell it ‘b-o-w-l.’  I’ve noticed some of you have been spelling it ‘b-o-w-e-l.’ This has a completely different meaning! Does anybody know what bowel means?”

(Several students begin to call out:)

Student #1: “Isn’t it an organ in your body?”

Student #2: “Your… intestines?”

Student #3: “It’s your guts!”

Me: “Yes, it’s your large and small intestines. Be very, very careful. Do NOT to write ‘bowel’ in your assignment. We really don’t want to go there.”

Student #4: “It’s the REAL food bowl!”

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