Bottom’s Up For Top Dollar

| IL, USA | Friendly | October 28, 2014

(I am attending a small dorm gathering with a group of friends.)

Friend: “Hey, you guys want some soda?”

Me: *as well as others* “Um… sure.”

Friend: “All right, I’ll get us some soda!”

(One hour later.)

Friend: “Hey, guys. Sorry, I would’ve been back sooner, but I got pulled over.”

Me: “Speeding?”

Friend: “Yeah, I was kinda doing an 80 in a 45.”

Me: “I don’t think there’s a kinda there; either you were or you weren’t. Did you get a ticket?”

Friend: “Yep! $100.”

Me: “We didn’t need the soda THAT badly! Drink up everyone, this stuff cost over $100!”

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