Bottom Teeth Are The Bottom Line

| Romantic | September 11, 2012

(I meet this guy on a popular dating website. He seems very nice, has all his hair, pretty blue eyes, fit, good job, and attractive. I agree to meet him at a local restaurant for drinks only – in case things don’t work out. I am pleasantly surprised to find that he looks like his picture on the website – something that seldom happens.)

Waitress: “Would you like to order?”

Me: “We are just going to have drinks. I’ll have a diet coke, please.”

Date: “I’ll have a beer, and can I get an order of shrimp too?”

(We start chatting and things are going along fine. His shrimp come out. He thanks the waitress and we start talking again. I’m looking him in the eye as I talk, and think there could be potential here. Then he brings his napkin up to his mouth and removes his bottom teeth. I stop talking mid-sentence.)

Date: *giving me a big toothless grin* “Sorry they are just for show.” *wiggles the teeth in the napkin at me* “I was trying to wait for you to look away, but my shrimp is getting cold.”

(He then sits his napkin covered false teeth on the table and begins to eat. That was our first and last date. Note to all men/women out there: taking your false teeth out on the first meeting is not a good impression.)

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