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Bottle Versus Boomer

, , , , | Right | July 29, 2022

A customer has just paid for their groceries using EBT (think food stamps).

Customer #1: “And that small bottle of whiskey over there, please. Don’t worry; I know it’s not covered on EBT. I have the cash.”

As I reach for the bottle, the older customer behind them speaks up.

Customer #2: “Typical! Leeching off the state, but somehow you can afford to drink whiskey! People like you are the reason my taxes are so high!”

Customer #1: “Not that it’s any of your business, but I have been saving for this for a while and this is my little treat.”

Customer #2: “Treat?! People on welfare shouldn’t be able to afford treats! You should barely be able to afford anything!”

Customer #1: “I am on welfare because I am barely able to afford anything, sir!

Customer #2: “Then get a job!”

Customer #1: “I have two!”

Customer #2: “If you have two jobs, you shouldn’t be on welfare!”

[Customer #1] turns back to me, finishing their purchase and ignoring the other customer.

Customer #1: “Tell me you haven’t been job-hunting since 1960 without telling me you haven’t been job-hunting since 1960, am I right? Thanks, hun! I just wanted this bottle before, but now I need it!”

[Customer #1] left the store, leaving me to deal with a grumpy, moaning old man. Just another day in retail!

Question of the Week

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