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Both Games Suitable For Fans Of Dorothy

| Working | May 6, 2016

(I’m going to a store that’s typically out of my way because it has an exclusive card game based on The Wizard of Oz books, which I’m a fan of. As I’m not sure where the game would be kept, I begin browsing near the toy section when an employee approaches me.)

Employee: “Hey, you finding everything okay?”

Me: “I’m looking for an exclusive card game [Store] has. [Game]?”

Employee: “[Game]? Oh, yeah. That’s right over here.”

(Sure enough, it’s on a shelf a few steps from where I’m standing.)

Me: “Wow, and it’s even priced less than I thought it would be! Thank you!”

Employee: “Based on The Wizard of Oz, not the HBO show. That’s a completely different game.”

(Yes. Quite different!)

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