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Some Bosses Don’t Want You To Bleed For Them

, , , , , , | Working | January 5, 2018

(This is my first day at my first warehouse job. I have been told to break down empty cardboard boxes and stack them to be moved to a compactor and baler. While doing so, I accidentally cut my finger, so I go to the supervisor.) 

Me: “[Supervisor], I accidentally cut my finger.”

Supervisor: *goes pale and points to lead* “Go ask [Lead].”

(I go to [Lead].)

Me: “[Lead], I cut my finger and I need a bandage.”

(She goes pale and walks away. I’m standing there with my now soaked bandana wrapped around my finger.)

Older Coworker: “Come with me.”

(She takes me to a filing cabinet with a first aid kit, cleans the cut, and firmly places a bandage around my finger.)

Older Coworker: “[Supervisor] hates blood and [Lead] is completely useless. Be more careful when using a knife.”

Me: “Thank you.”

(The next day I was moved to work with the baler crew.)

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