Boss Is The Type To Stereotype

, , , | Working | April 25, 2018

(I am a manager in an electronics store in the UK. A fellow manager comes into the office shortly after we have opened.)

Manager: “[My Name], there’s a black woman in the store!”

Me: “I know. Me.”

Manager: “Not you! An American black woman. I’m so excited. I’m going to see if it’s true what they say!”

Me: “What do they say?”

Manager: “That they’re loud, and they fight and say [slur] a lot.”

(I protest, but she brushes it off, saying she’s going to follow her around. I call security to try and bring her back in. About half an hour later, the manager returns with security physically holding her.)

Manager: “The b**** said I was stalking her!”

Me: “You were.”

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