Boss Calling The Coworker Slack

| Ontario, Canada | Working | April 3, 2013

(My boss is an extremely abrasive, rude  person. No matter what goes wrong in the office, it’s always someone else’s fault. Her mood also flips on a dime. I’d been working here two weeks at the time.)

Boss: “[My name]! Come here, NOW!”

Me: “Yes, [Boss]?”

Boss: “Who put in this work order? It’s for the 24th of this month, NOT the 26th. This is a HUGE mistake. You keep messing up!”

(The work order is clearly written in her handwriting.)

Me: “I—”

Boss: “No excuses. What do I pay you for?! I am spending my money, now we have to do the order over again, you’re wasting my time! I’m not sure you’re working out as an employee.”

Me: “But, I—”

Boss: “You’re always making excuses! You’re lazy! All you want is to get paid for nothing. You’re young, so you should work hard!”

Me: “But… but I’m trying to—”

Boss: “Go fix it! You make another mistake, and—”

Me: “This isn’t my hand writing!”

Boss: “Stop making excuses! This is your work order! YOUR HANDWRITING!”

Me: “I… I’m sorry, b-but I know my hand writing. Th-that isn’t it. I didn’t write this order.”

(In addition, she can’t spell, but obviously I don’t mention that.)

Boss: “WHAT?! Stop blaming others for your mistakes!”

(I quickly write down the work order on a new piece of paper to show her my own handwriting. With shaking hands, I hand it to her.)

Me: “See? I—”

Boss: *squints at papers* “Oh, okay. You can go back to your desk now, sweetie.”

Me: *speechless*

(After months of verbal abuse, getting my first ever grey hairs, and stress ulcers, I had to leave. Good riddance! I do worry about the other workers left behind, because the boss is awful to everyone working under her!)

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