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When Boris Busy, Use Marko

, , , , | Working | May 31, 2018

(One of our self-scan registers is down, so I call tech support. Our company’s tech support is primarily located in the US, but sometimes I get agents from other countries. This time I get a couple of Russians. The first agent realizes about halfway through that we need to escalate the issue. He conferences in the second agent before he disconnects his end of the call, rather than just transferring me.)

Tech Support #1: “I leave you now with Marko, level two support. He is good at his work. I am leaving you in good hands, strong hands; he fix issue.”

Me: *trying to not laugh at “strong hands”* “Excellent. Thank you for your help!

Tech Support #1: “Thank you. Have a good day. Marko, [something in Russian].”

Tech Support #2: *dryly* “Hello, this is Marko. I am the one having good, strong hands.”

Me: *laughing* “Good morning, Marko. How are you?”

Tech Support #2: *still dryly* “I am good, but my hands are more good.”

In Soviet Russia, Accent Speaks You