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Bordering On Brawling

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(It is 2004 and my family is flying back into New York City after having spent two weeks abroad. While we are away there is a big Red Sox/Yankees brawl between the players during a game. My father, a native of the Boston area, is decked out in his customary Red Sox sweatshirt and ball cap. We are going through customs when all of a sudden the very professional customs agents turn into Yankees fans.)

NY Customs Agent #1: *noticing my father’s clothes* “Hey, I don’t know if we should let this guy into the country!”

NY Customs Agent #2: “Yeah, he looks pretty suspicious.”

NY Customs Agent #3: “Are you sure he’s not going to cause trouble?”

(Fortunately, my father relishes having good-natured baseball arguments and so took it in stride. We eventually were allowed back into the country.)

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