Booked Yourself In For Some Weird Meals

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(My sister is a giant bookworm. She is always reading, no matter what she’s doing. Cooking, bathroom, watching TV, breaks/lunch at work, she’s reading a book. For showering and driving, she plays an audio book. It can sometimes lead to comedy gold.)

Sister: “Well, this morning I was making a bowl of cereal while also reading my book, so I wasn’t 100% paying attention. I opened the sugar canister and spooned plenty of sugar in, while still reading my book. I took a bite and I got a big mouthful of salt! The canisters look alike! I feel so betrayed.”

Me: *bent over laughing*

Sister: “Oh, that’s not all. While I was on video chat with [Best Friend], I made a sandwich and I went to get the Italian dressing to put on it. Well… I wasn’t paying attention, and the chocolate syrup is next to the Italian dressing in the fridge. I didn’t realize until I already put it on the meat and went to close it. [Best Friend] was laughing her butt off. I rinsed the chocolate off the meat and put Italian dressing. I took a bite and there was still chocolate on the bread! I had to spit it out, and [Best Friend] laughed even harder!”

Me: *laughing and wondering how she made it to 28*

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