Booked For Life

, | Learning | March 12, 2015

(We’ve got a sign in our university’s library saying: ‘Dear readers! When ordering a book, please be considerate enough to try and remember the title and the author, and not just the size and colour!’)

Me: “I’m sorry, do you have ‘the basics of communicative theory’ textbook?”

Librarian: *one whom I’d never seen before, who points at the sign* “Who’s the author?”

(I usually write down the names of authors and exact titles of the books I need so as not to cause trouble to the librarians. I realize I’d forgotten the notebook where I’d written down the author’s name.)

Me: “Erm… It starts with [letter]… and it has a white and green cover…”

Other Librarian: *comes from the back of the library with the book* “Here you are. The author’s name starts with a different letter. You’re lucky we only have one textbook for this course.” *to the other librarian* “Get used to it; those students never change! *points at sign*

Me: “I’m sorry. Thank you.” *walks away ashamed*

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