Book You In For Six (Feet Under)

| | Right | December 2, 2009

(My boss passed away earlier this year. Her phone forwards to mine so that I can redirect individuals that need assistance.)

Customer: “Hi, can I speak to Dr. ***?”

Me: “I’m sorry, Dr. *** passed away earlier this year. Is there something I can help you with instead?”

Customer: “No, I think I’ll just call back. When do you think she’ll be in?”

Me: “Ma’am, she passed away.”

Customer: “Right…so when will she be in?  Can I call back tomorrow?”

Me: “Ma’am, she’s dead.”

Customer: “Oh…how about Monday then?”

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  • “Yeah I’ll reincarnate her on Monday for ya”

    • XRjak929

      Don’t ya know human transmutation is forbidden?

      • Aaron

        “Crippled midget tries to get his brother’s body back with a rock made of genocide.”

      • Justin Jones

        only in China

  • Rebekah

    Bereft of life, she rests in peace.