Boobs Of Warcraft

| Atlanta, GA, USA | Friendly | June 20, 2016

(My friends and I are attending a large Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention. We are dressed as characters from the game “World of Warcraft.” I’m cosplaying as a Night Elf Druid Bear, which is essentially a fursuit. I’m covered in long, fluffy fur that hides the curves of my body, giving me an androgynous appearance. We are approached by a young woman who strikes up a friendly conversation with my friends.)

Woman: *to me* “This might sound weird, but can I get a hug?”

Me: *nods and opens arms*

Woman: “Yay!” *enthusiastically hugs me*

Woman: *suddenly jumps away* “OMG! OMG! BOOBS! IT’S A GIRL BEAR!”

(My friends and I instantly burst into uproarious laughter.)

Woman: *embarrassed* “I am so sorry. It’s weird when boobs touch.”

(Still chuckling, we assured her that it’s fine; I was not upset. She wasn’t the only person who wanted to hug me that weekend, but she was certainly the most memorable.)

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