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Bonded To Death

| Romantic | October 27, 2015

(I have a YouTube channel on which I upload creepypasta (scary story) narrations. It goes without saying that Halloween is a pretty important holiday for channels like mine, so my boyfriend and I were working on putting together a Halloween special.)

Boyfriend: “Okay, so for this scene just make some death sounds!”

Me: “Death sounds… Anything in particular? Do you want me to scream or something?”

Boyfriend: “Just imagine you’re undergoing the worst torture possible, and make sounds to go with that! Here, I’ll record mine first, and you can work off that.”

(Once we’ve both recorded our death sounds, we listen to them together and break down laughing.)

Me: *still laughing* “So, we just died…”

Boyfriend: “I know! How many couples can honestly say they’ve died together?”

Me: “Not many. And hey, since we did it together, we’re bonding!”

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