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Bob’s Your Uncle

, , , , | Hopeless | May 27, 2016

(One of the local grocers offers jobs to mentally handicapped residents of a local group home. One of these gentlemen has worked there for years, and he is a very conscientious bagger – everything is packaged just so. He is a very nice man, but his social filters aren’t always quite “there.” Just before my due date, I was stocking up the pantry in preparation for an expected child, and three others at home, and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to just jump in the car to pick up some cereal. After bagging my purchases – two large carts piled up – Bob looks at the trolleys, and then looks at my belly.)

Bob: “Wow! You must be really hungry!”

(The manager who was running the till gave poor Bob a look that makes me think he had to listen to another lecture on how to interact with customers, but I thought it was hilarious! Laughed all the way home. He didn’t get fired. That baby is now four years old, and she adores Mister Bob at the store. We always have to buy a pack of Starburst so she can give him the orange ones – his favorite.)

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