The Boat Who Cried Wolf

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(I’m about twelve, and I’m at a cabin with my family. My sister and I take the paddle boat out to a floating dock in the middle of the lake and I tie it up. I’m usually good with knots, so I’m surprised and horrified when the rope comes loose and the boat starts floating away, leaving us stranded. We scream for help, because the cabin is just across from us and we can see it, but our parents don’t come outside.)

Me: “Okay. I’m going to swim out and grab it. You wait here.” *jumps into the lake*

Sister: *jumps in right behind me*

Me: *thinking* “Okay, or we could both get wet.”

(We reach the boat, but we can’t climb in from in the water. With a lot of effort, we manage to tow it back to the dock. Our parents finally notice something is wrong and canoe out to us.)

Me: “Didn’t you hear us screaming for help?!”

Mom: “Yeah, but we just assumed it was the usual dumb kids who are always screaming out there.”

(Never cry wolf, kids! We were both wearing life jackets and we weren’t in any real danger, but our help was still delayed.)

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