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BLT, Better Luck Tomorrow, Part 4

| Working | March 9, 2015

(After viewing the menu, I order a BLT. The employee starts to make it and I move over to the register to pay.)

Employee: “Do you want anything else on the sandwich?”

Me: “Mayonnaise.”

(When I get to the table, I open the sandwich and there is nothing on it but bacon and mayonnaise. I took it back to the counter and speak to another employee there.)

Me: “Hi, the L and T were missing from my BLT.

Employee #2: “You didn’t tell my coworker you wanted those items on your sandwich.”

Me: “You mean I have to tell you I want lettuce and tomato on my bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich?”

Employee #2: “Well, how are we supposed to know what you want on your sandwich if you don’t tell us?”

Me: “It’s in the name of the sandwich.”

(He eventually gave me a small bowl with lettuce and tomato, but kept insisting that it was all my fault for not asking for lettuce and tomato on my bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. I guess I should be thankful they put the bacon on without me specifically asking!)