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Blowing Your Top Is Also Blowing Your Chances At Getting Served

, , , | Right | June 21, 2021

At our store, it’s perfectly acceptable to hand customers off to other coworkers who are more knowledgeable about certain items and whatnot. I greet a customer as he walks into the store.

Me: “How are you doing today, sir? Can I help you find anything?”

Customer: “Yeah, you a**holes had better have [specific product].”

Me: *A bit taken aback* “We’ll do our best to find that for you, sir.”

I go to where the associated products are and can’t find it. The customer is just glaring at my back, occasionally muttering expletives under his breath.

Me: “Let me grab one of my associates real quick; it’s my first week here and I’m still learning the store.”

The customer grumbles a rude affirmative, and I go to grab another coworker. I follow the customer and my coworker to the location so I will know where it is in the future. As we’re walking to the item, the customer spins on me.

Customer: *Loudly* “What the f*** are you following me for?”

Shocked, I begin to respond, when my coworker cuts in.

Coworker: “Sir, there’s no reason to speak rudely to him when he’s just trying to do his job and learn where new items are. If you can’t speak civilly or politely to us, then we will kindly ask you to leave the store.”

The customer turns beet red and starts shouting all manner of curse words at my coworker and me as we gradually herd him to the front door and out of the store.

Coworker: “Have a good day, sir. Please understand that you are no longer welcome to shop at this store. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”

Most customers are very understanding when we explain that we’re handing them off to another coworker or that we’re inexperienced in some area, but completely blowing your top is absolutely unacceptable behavior.

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