Blowing Holes In Her Shipping

| Related | April 24, 2014

(I am watching the latest ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ films in theatre with my best friend. Sitting in the row in front of us is a mother and daughter. As the movie plays, the following occurs.)

Daughter: “Oh, my god! It’s Groves! I missed you, Theodore!”

Mom: “That’s your favourite character, huh?”

Daughter: “He’s so pretty!”


Daughter: *squeals* “Gilette! I thought he was dead! This is awesome!”

Mom: “Aren’t those the two pirates you write about, honey?”

Daughter: “Oh, yeah, but they were Navy officers before.”

(Still later.)

Mom: “… I’ll buy the fact that they are close friends, but not as a romantic couple! Really rather unrealistic, wouldn’t you say?”

Daughter: “Mom…”

Mom: “I mean, you can’t just pair together two 18th century naval officers. There were laws against that sort of thing, wasn’t there?”

Daughter: “Mom…”

Mom: “And at any rate even if they were, they wouldn’t be so open as you make it out to be—”

Daughter: “Mom! It’s just a movie! AND STOP BLOWING HOLES IN MY SHIP!”

(I couldn’t help laughing out loud, drawing stares from around the packed house, and my best friend reached down and gave the daughter a high-five when they turned around to investigate. Fangirl: 1, Mom: 0)

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