Blooming In Adversity

| Romantic | August 28, 2013

(It is the first day of fourth grade for me. I’m not in the best of moods, because I’m not a very social kid, and not looking forward to being forced into socializing for school. When I get to the bus stop, there is a new, cute boy animatedly talking to his brother. He stops, and looks at me up and down.)

Me: “What are you looking at?!”

Boy: “You, apparently.”

Me: “Well, don’t! It’s not my fault your mom let you out of the house looking like that.”

(He glares at me, and chases me up and down the bus stop before tackling me in a bush. He then stands up, dusts himself off, extends his hand to help me up, plucks a leaf out of my hair, and gives me a lopsided smile before extending his hand again to take mine and shake it.)

Boy: “Hi, I’m [name]! I just moved here!”

Me: *stunned*

Boy: “You got a name or what?”

Me: “Of course I do! My name is [name], and what weirdo doesn’t have a name?!”

Boy: “I don’t know; you tell me!”

(We’ve been joint at the hip ever since. His parents called it from the start, and despite taking years of trying people who didn’t quite fit us the way we fit each other, we got together. It’s probably the best decision I have ever made!)

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