Bloody Weird

| USA | Romantic | March 19, 2013

(I am a medical lab scientist.  My fiancé, who is a civil engineer, is about to leave.)
Me:  “Bye! I love you! Don’t get DIC!”
Fiancé: “What is DIC?”
Me: “It’s when your blood clots in the middle of your vein. All the clotting factors and platelets are used up. You basically start haemorrhaging all over.”
Fiancé: “How do I avoid this?”
Me: “Avoiding childbirth is a huge part of it.”
Fiancé:  “I will try my very best. But I think I don’t need to try very hard. I’m just an engineer, but I’d think I’d need a uterus for that.”
Me: “But, I have a uterus! We can share!”
Roommate: “You guys are the weirdest couple ever.”

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