Blood Is Thicker Than Toilet Water

| Related | July 5, 2013

(I work for a local theme park during Halloween as a masked character. I have learned a few makeup tricks. I always stock up my supplies before the season starts. One of my heavily stocked items is stage blood. I am going through my supplies and notice that one of my old tubes is halfway dried up. My brother happens to walk in.)

Brother: “Hey can I have some of your stage blood? I need it for my Halloween costume this year.”

(I am going to toss it anyway, so I give it to him and that is that. A few weeks later my mother approaches me after I got home very late on a Saturday from the park.)

Mom: “Did you give your brother any of your Halloween stuff?”

Me: “Yes, just some stage blood I couldn’t use. Why?”

Mom: “Grrrr.”

(Mom walks away leaving me rather confused. I find out later why she is angry. It turns out my brother had waited until everyone was asleep one night. He then went into the bathroom, and heavily relieved himself—number two. He then emptied the blood on top of the mess, and left it there. He then hid in the closet outside of the bathroom and waited. Eventually my mother came in and saw it, screamed at the sight if it all, and was convinced one of her family had something happen to them. He was never allowed near my supplies again.)

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