Blocking Traffic And Their Thought Processes

, , | Working | September 8, 2017

(I’m driving along, when I see a police car pull up behind me and turn on its lights. We are on a part of the road where there is no pullover space, and it’s rush hour, so the road is pretty busy. I see a light ahead where I can turn, so I do, into a parking lot. By now, the police car has its sirens on, and it pulls up behind me. An officer comes out and runs over, very excited.)

Me: “Hello-“

Officer: *screaming* “Why didn’t you pull over?!”

Me: “I did.”

Officer: “You’re supposed to pull over right away!”

Me: “Well, I didn’t want to block traffic.”

(I gesture to the road, which has cars going by in numbers. A look of realization crosses his face.)

Officer: “Oh… Well, next time, just pull over right away. I thought you were running!”

Me: “Even if I was blocking traffic?”

Officer: “Even so! License and registration! Your plates are expired!”

(He gave me a ticket for having expired plates. I had forgotten to get them renewed. I’m sure he would’ve given me another ticket for blocking traffic if I had stopped back there, but I didn’t say so. You just can’t win… or argue against them.)

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