Blindingly Humorous

| Related | May 27, 2013

(My six-year-old brother has suddenly developed severe eye allergies. The whites of his eyes are red and bulging, very itchy and uncomfortable, and he can barely blink. Our dad picks him up from school, and takes him to the urgent care clinic. In the waiting room, dad tries to take my brother’s mind off things.)

Dad: “Hey, look out the window; there’s our car.”

Brother: “Where?”

Dad: “It’s right there. It’s right outside the window.”

Brother: “I can’t see it.”

Dad: “What do you mean? It’s right there!”

(My brother looks down, sounding incredibly sad.)

Brother: “No, daddy. All I can see are empty spaces.”

(Our dad grabs my brother by the shoulders, swings him around, and pulls him to within inches of his face.)

Dad: “Son! SON! CAN YOU SEE ME!?”

(My brother giggles and breaks into a big grin.)

Brother: “Just kidding, daddy!”

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