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Blind To Reason, Part 4

| Learning | January 4, 2014

(I am in seventh grade, working on something in the computer lab. I have Google open, and they happen to have one of their “doodles” on the home page at the moment. This time it’s in Braille.)

Me: “Hey, [Teacher]. Look. The Google logo is in Braille.”

Teacher: “You’re not supposed to be changing the scripts.”

Me: “No. I didn’t do anything. Google often changes their logo to commemorate things.”

Teacher: “No. You’re messing with the scripts.”

(I am told I can’t use the computer for my assignment because of ‘what I did.’ Later on in the year, when Google is showing another special logo, I mention the incident to him.)

Teacher: “No. Don’t you remember? I said I was mistaken and let you use the computer again.”

Me: “No, you didn’t.”

Teacher: “Yes, I did.”

(No, he didn’t.)

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