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Blind To Diversity

| Learning | July 16, 2016

(It is 1978. I and my best friend, who is also blind, are on a college tour. My friend doesn’t like the typical canes for the blind and manages on her own in familiar environments, or by holding onto someone in an unfamiliar environment. Since this is an unfamiliar environment she spends the entire visit linking arms with me. After the tour, the guide approaches my mother.)

Guide: “You might not like this school.”

Me: *confused* “Well, why not?”

Guide: *looks at the ground* “Your kind, uh, aren’t that common here.”

Me: “My what?!”

Guide: “You, uh, lesbians. You and your girlfriend. You might not be welcome here.”

Me: *walks away laughing* “She’s blind! I’m her guide!”

(I didn’t end up attending but I love to tell this story.)

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