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Blind Eye To The Blindside

| Learning | January 27, 2014

(I am in third grade. I am always being picked on by my peers.)

Student: “Your mom’s so stupid, she sold her car for gas money!”

(I decide not to retort since I know he’s just trying to make me upset. I try to focus on other things, so I decide to roll and unroll the worksheets our teacher gave us.)

Student: “What? Are you gonna cry now? Cry back to your mommy?”

(Again, I say nothing. This goes on for a good few minutes with the teacher sitting right there.)

Student: “Are you stupid or something?!”

(Finally, I can’t take it anymore and I hit him across the head with my rolled up worksheets.)

Student: “TEACHER! TEACHER! [My Name] just hit me!”

(Shocked by what I have just done and very fearful about the repercussions, I look at the teacher.)

Teacher: *smirks at me* “I didn’t see anything…”

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