Blind As The Bats They Came Here To See

, , , | Right | February 14, 2020

(I volunteer at a wildlife charity that mainly runs on our entry cost and visitor donations. It’s a relatively slow Sunday and I’m making my way past the aviaries near the entrance when I see a family that just came in. We notice each other and I think nothing of it; I’m about to get on with my duties when one of them approaches me.)

Visitor: “Excuse me, mate. Where do we pay?”

Me: *looking back toward the entry gate they must have come through not two minutes ago* “Just at the window there.”

(They apologised and went back to pay, looking rather embarrassed about it. I went to go serve them, silently wondering how they had managed to miss the multiple notes we have at the entrance reminding people to pay before entering, including one on the price list, attached to the gate they went through in the first place!)

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