Blew In Some Love From The Windy City

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I’m from Brazil. The day I turned eighteen, I went on an exchange program to the US for a year. Everything went as nice as could be, and on the day I was returning home, I had a stopover in Chicago for a few hours before getting on a plane to Brazil.

I was carrying four pieces of luggage, a few purses, and lots of gifts my American friends had given me. I had already checked two bags and, by the time I was supposed to enter the boarding area, I couldn’t find my passport.

I had already taken a plane on that same day, so I was far from my temporary home and even further from my final destination.

I was a nineteen-year-old crying at a huge international airport trying to remember where I had left my passport and trying to figure out if the Brazilian embassy was that far from the airport.

That’s when an airline employee, a sixty-ish-year-old man, saw me and asked what was happening. I told him and he immediately pulled my two pieces of luggage from the airplane. After calming me down, he advised me to open all the luggage on the floor so I could find my passport. He said sometimes things can be right in front of our noses, but I’d miss it because of the anxiety and fear it could be lost.

I took a second to calm down and opened all my luggage and purses on the airport floor, all while he was by my side giving words of encouragement.

When I finally found it, he looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m really glad you found your passport. I hope you don’t take any frustration from this beautiful city, and maybe come back for a more peaceful visit in the near future.” He then took my luggage back to the airplane.

I didn’t know him and never got to ask his name, but he sure seemed to be my guardian angel by making sure I got back home in one piece. I hope he’s doing all right, and I hope I get the chance to meet him again.

I did go back to Chicago to meet many other amazing souls and visit an old high school friend who was living nearby. I have nothing but appreciation and love for that city.

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