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The Blanket Order Becomes A Blanket Order

, , , | Friendly | September 27, 2017

(On social media, a friend puts up a photo of a large crocheted blanket and asks if someone would be able to make it for her.)

Me: *against my better judgement* “I could do it for you.”

(I buy the pattern online and then start looking for yarn for it. She doesn’t specify a color; I have free reign. I find the perfect yarn locally, and quite cheap, too. I let her know what sort of price we are looking at, but after starting the item I realize it’s going to take much less yarn than I thought, so I drop the price, and I don’t charge for my time. It takes weeks to make; my arm aches constantly. She loves it and posts a picture online to show it off. Not long after, I get a message from her.)

Friend: “One of my friends saw my blanket and wants to know if you can make another one.”

(I think, “Oh, here we go again,” but then think that I could use up the yarn I had left over, and I already had the pattern.)

Me: *to her* “I don’t know whether I could do one so soon; I need to rest my arm for a while first.”

Friend: “Okay, he doesn’t want it exactly like mine, he wants the exact [specific colors for a football team] and for you to do a [completely different design]. I told him what you charged me, but said that you knocked the price down from [price], and he’s happy paying that.”

Me: “I’m going to have to say no, sorry.”

(There is the reason I rarely make things for other people; they always have friends who want the exact same thing, but different.)

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