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Blame The Parents Home

| Related | February 7, 2017

(My mum and I are talking about a family we know while waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant. The mother is particularly fussy over her only child — who came late in life and was an unexpected blessing — and said child is somewhat… dependent on her mother, and very clingy, despite being 17. They’re nice people and friends of ours. My mum and I have been told we act like sisters a lot, as we joke around often. Also note that we go to see a chiropractor as my spine is somewhat misaligned, and hers is, too.)

Mum: “Aren’t you glad she’s not your mother?”

Me: “Yup.”

Mum: “I have a confession… I’m glad [Daughter] isn’t my daughter.”

Me: *laughing slightly* “Well, I don’t think she’d be like that if not for her mother. Daughters tend to be products of parenting. So she wouldn’t be so spineless if it for [Mother].”

Mum: “What if they have TOO much spine?”

(She’s referring me and my tendency to be blunt and forthcoming, as well as individualistic, to put nicely. I know this and don’t mind.)

Me: “Too much parenting!”

Mum: *pauses* “What if they have a crooked spine?”

Me: “Crooked parenting?”

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