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Blade: Bargain Hunter

, , , | Right | September 22, 2019

(A customer comes in carrying an old lawnmower blade and asks for help finding a new one. I’m pretty good at matching them up, so I help him out. I take the old one and match it to a set of two for around $40.)

Me: “Here you are, sir. As you can see, the mounting holes line right up and share the same six-point star center shape and the blade matches the curves of this set.”

Customer: “You sure this is the set I need? What about that one?”

(He’s pointing to a set right next to where I picked up the first and I see that it is the same style, part number and all.)

Me: “That’s the same set, sir. Sometimes we have more than one hanging for blades because so many different mowers use the same type of blade.”

Customer: “Uh-huh. Sure. What about those?”

(He points to another set, this one to the left of the ones I got him.)

Me: “Those don’t quite match your blade. These are about four inches longer and only have a five-point mounting hole. I don’t believe they’ll fit your mower, sir.”

(He scowls at me, then holds the set I gave him up to his old blade, scrutinizing them. Then, he looks up and sees the blades we have for a “higher-end” brand that often has the same parts as “cheaper mowers,” just sold at a higher price.)

Customer: “What about those ones?”

Me: “Those would be our [Expensive Brand] blades, but if you want to pay about $20 more for the same thing you’ve got in your hand, be my guest.”

Customer: “Well, then, I guess you robbed me today.” 

(He walked off with the first set of blades.)

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