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Black Friday Comes But Once A Sneer

, , , , , , | Right | December 12, 2022

Our store is relatively high-end and so attracts a certain type of customer. Every Black Friday, we have a very good sale which attracts a lot of shoppers who normally can’t afford our items — I know I can’t normally! — but this also seems to not be very appreciated by our regular clientele.

Customer: *Immovable sneer on his face* “Why are there so many… other people here today?”

Me: “It’s Black Friday. It’s a very popular sale, so we get a lot of customers!”

Customer: “But… if they can’t afford it normally, they shouldn’t come in at all!”

Me: “Well… it’s nice to have an occasional sale to give everyone a chance to try our products.”

Customer: “You shouldn’t have so many sales!”

Me: “It’s only once a year, sir.”

Customer: “But it cheapens the experience!”

Me: “Then it’s working, sir!”

The customer realizes what he has just said.

Customer: “That’s… Ugh, that’s not what I meant! I’ll be back when the riffraff have moved on!”

He stormed out, sneer intact.

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