| Working | October 3, 2013

(I’m at one of my favorite pubs with my sister and a friend after an uneventful day of work at a new job. I get a call from the person who hired me, and she informs me that I am being let go after only two weeks because I was ‘not a good fit.’ She refuses to give me any more information, and I hang up in shock. My sister and friend try to comfort me in my sadness and anger just as one of our favorite servers stops by.)

Server: “Hey! Is everything okay?”

Me: “No. I was just let go from my job for no reason.”

Server: “What?! That’s awful!”

Friend: “I think it’s discriminatory because she’s gay. If she had made a mistake, they would have at least warned her.”

Server: “Could be that. I swear, there was one time I was fired from a job because I was brunette and everyone else was blonde. Can I buy you another drink, hon?”

Me: “That’s sweet, but no, thank you. I don’t think it’ll make me feel any better.”

(I barely eat my dinner because I feel so rotten. Suddenly, the server comes back and sets down a fudge brownie with ice cream on top.)

Server: “Here, this is for you, on the house.”

Me: “Oh, no! Thank you, but I’ve lost my appetite!”

Server: “That’s okay. That’s why I brought three spoons!”

(I manage to nibble at some of the free dessert as the server continues to comfort me. Her kindness is so appreciated that the next day, I drop off a thank you card with a modest gift. If the server ends up reading this, I want to say: Thank you for your compassion during one of the most difficult and confusing nights of my life!)

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