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Births, Deaths, And Game-Of-Throne Marriages

, | Related | June 22, 2015

(My older cousin has always insisted she’s never going to have any kids, and the family have always seemed to believe her. However, much to everyone’s surprise, she had one last year. We all assumed she was done at that point. Fast forward to now…)

Mom: “Hey, apparently [Cousin] is pregnant again.”

(I, my dad, and my grandma are totally shocked, but my sister doesn’t seem to react.)

Mom: “Um, [Sister]? Did you hear that?”

Sister: “Yeah. Cool, right?”

Me: “And you’re not surprised at all? [Cousin] did insist she’d never ever ever have kids.”

Sister: “Yeah, but that was before the first one. Getting pregnant is like killing someone; the first time it happens it’s a really difficult decision and a really hard thing to do and everyone is really surprised, but once you’ve done it you’ve kind of broken the taboo on it and it gets easier, and people are more willing to believe you’re capable of it.”

(There’s a pause, then everyone simultaneously takes a step back from my sister.)

Mom: “Okay, that’s it. You’re taking a break from Game of Thrones.”

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