Birthdays Come But Twice A Day

, , , , | Working | January 31, 2019

(I am a relatively new employee in a small office environment, working with people I love, but this situation is a bit awkward.)

Boss: *sticking his head into my office* “Hey, it’s [Coworker #1]’s birthday today. We’re going to cut his cake in a few minutes. Thought you might want to sign his card.”

Me: *wondering whether to raise a certain issue, then deciding to let it slide* “Sure, okay.”

Boss: “Also, we’re all chipping in [amount] to get him a gift card.”

Me: *changing my mind* “Um, nothing against [Coworker #1], but… today is also my birthday.”

(To his credit, my boss apologized for not realizing that, and quickly and quietly turned the office party into a celebration for the two of us. I felt bad; I would’ve been okay with no fuss whatsoever, but kind of figured the common date would become known sooner or later.)

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