Birthday Present Doesn’t Have To Be About The Present

, | Friendly | May 17, 2016

(My good friend recently turned the big three-oh and I am at a loss what to get him. Finances have been tough recently and I’ve run out of more obvious gifts. I decided to surprise him with 30 different memories from our friendship together. To make it more complex I split the memories over many digital platforms so he would have to search them out. Later I got his text:)

Friend: “That took forever to find.”

Me: “Did you get them all?”

Friend: “Yes, after a little while.”

Me: “Sorry, I couldn’t get you something more concrete for such a big birthday.”

Friend: “Don’t be silly. You have just reminded me what getting older is all about.”

Me: “Collecting memories?”

Friend: “Yep, and forgetting them all after enough pints.”

(After a good chuckle I saw later he had mentioned the best parts of his birthday on Facebook. After giving myself a hard time on not being able to do something bigger for my best friend, it was lovely to see how much it meant to him.)

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