Birth Control Doesn’t Just Control Birth

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(I am on birth control due to uncontrollable periods. I have it set on autofill. I get a notice that my autofill is delayed. I call the pharmacy to find out when it will be ready.)

Rep: *in a snotty tone* “The birth control? Well, probably about a week.”

Me: “Come again?”

Rep: *sighs* “A week. We have to get it from another location.”

Me: “It takes a week to do that?”

Rep: “Yes.”

Me: “Uh… is there any chance of getting it sooner?”

Rep: “Well, instead of us having them drive it here, you could go get it yourself.”

Me: “Where’s the closest pharmacy that has it?”

Rep: “Nearest available fill is [Town two hours north]. They can get it for you today.”

(This particular town and the surrounding area are under an ice storm warning.)

Me: “That’s the area that’s getting that ice storm.”

Rep: “Yep.”

Me: “Are you telling me that there is no [Medicine] in the entire city and I have to drive two hours into an ice storm?!” 

Rep: “Yes.”

Me: “Look, I know this is birth control, but I use it to control my cycle. Otherwise, I get very sick when my period shows up. Now, are you sure there’s none in town, anywhere?”

Rep: *pause* “Well, there’s some at [Location ten minutes away]. They can have it here tonight.”


(I filed a complaint with the store. They claimed that the rep was in the call center and they couldn’t do anything about it. I switched my prescriptions to their main competitor after that. Haven’t had an issue since!)

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