Bird In The Brain

| LA, USA | Related | June 20, 2012

(We are in the hospital visiting our great aunt after surgery. She’s very loopy from medication and upset that one of her nieces stayed up two nights to watch her.)

Great Aunt: “You need to go home. If you keep doing things for me, you won’t love me anymore!”

Me: “We all still love you.”

Great Aunt: “I feel like a huge burden.”

Mom: “You’re not a burd—”

Sister: *imitating a crow* “CA-CAW!”

(Everyone laughs and my great aunt forgets that she was upset. Later, I ask my sister why she did that.)

Sister: “Because, Aunt Dolly said she felt like a huge bird! I figured she was having hallucinations.

Me: “So you wanted to add to them?”

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