Bird Brained And Light Headed

, , | Friendly | December 1, 2014

(My flatmate has been complaining about almost everything I’ve been doing, whether it’s legitimate or not. She doesn’t really like people but has two birds she loves. This happens on a Friday night as I am up later than usual watching TV in the living room:)

Flatmate: “Do you plan to watch TV for a long time? It’s 11:20 pm.”

Me: “No, that show finishes in 10 minutes. Why, is it too loud?”

Flatmate: “No, but it’s late and the birds are not used to light that late.”

Me: “Well, okay, I’ll just watch the end of the show and then go to my bedroom.”

Flatmate: “It’s not good for them to have too much light. You have to be careful.”

Me: “It’s only a few more minutes, then I’ll turn off the light.”

Flatmate: *leaves the room without another word*

(The birds have a kind of little house to use, so they can get away from the light if they want. Also, in Scotland it hardly gets dark in summer, and the sun usually sets between 10:30 and 11 pm. I’m looking for a new place to live.)

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