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Bipartisan Barware

, , | Right | February 25, 2009

Customer: “You used to carry those drinking glasses that are shaped like soda pop bottles. Do you still have them?”

Me: “I believe so. Let me check with that department.”

Associate: *over walkie talkie* “Yes, we do have some. They’re in the barware section.”

Me: *to customer* “Okay, ma’am, we do have some–”

Customer: “No, I was just back there, and you only have the really big ones and the ones that are too small. You used to have the medium-sized ones that are just right. I told the boy back there that I needed the medium-sized ones.”

Me: “So… you already spoke to the department associate?”

Customer: “Yes, and he said that you don’t have them anymore. But I know that you do, because I saw Hillary Clinton drinking from one of them on the debates last night!”

Me: *to the associate* “Are we out of stock on those glasses, or are they discontinued?”

Associate: “Discontinued. I already spoke to someone about these glasses…”

Me: *to customer* “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but it looks like we’re not going to be carrying that particular size anymore–”

Customer: “That’s bull-s***! He’s lying!”

Me: “Umm, excuse me?”

Customer: “He’s lying! I saw Hillary Clinton drinking out of one of these god-d*** glasses last night on the debate! And you’re trying to tell me that they don’t make them anymore?! I don’t think so. Why are you all lying?! If Hillary Clinton can drink out of one of these glasses, then they obviously are still making them!”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m not saying that they’re not being made anymore. I’m saying that we’re no longer carrying that particular size in our store, that’s all.”

Customer: “Lies! I bet if Hillary Clinton came in here and asked for those glasses, you people would get off your a**es and check the back room for her!”

Me: “Have a nice night, ma’am.”

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