Bike Or Bus(t)

, , , | Hopeless | October 13, 2016

I am currently studying for a year in a foreign country where I can speak a little of the language, but not at all fluently. It is a Friday afternoon, and as I am Sabbath-observant, I must arrive at my destination before dark.

I am currently at the central bus station, frantically trying to locate the platform for my intercity bus. I have no idea where to find it, and even cross the street, but cannot find the appropriate number.

A younger man with a bicycle asks if I am okay. I shakily explain my predicament to him; and he attempts to tell me where to take the bus. My language skills are not great and he can tell that I don’t understand, and simply tells me to follow him.

He shows me to use a particular tunnel to cross another street to get to my platform. Then he rides his bicycle past me as I run. When I get to the bus, I see that he has his front bicycle wheel on the bus, holding it for me.

Please note that this was not his bus. He took time out of his day and probably went in the wrong direction to help me.

So, thank you, amazing stranger, for taking the time to show a confused, frightened girl where to catch her bus, and then for holding it for her. I honestly think that it was the nicest, most selfless, thing anyone has ever done for me.

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