Bigots Roundup

| Right | February 27, 2020

We certainly get a lot of stories about bigots and jerks who treat others horrifically.  These are some of our strongly remembered stories, the ones that make our blood boil.  (We can’t use ‘favorite’ because who wants to have a favorite bigot?)

Served With Just Desserts — Karma is a dish best served ‘to go.’

Foot In Mouth 101 — If you’re going to be a stupid bigot, you’re eventually going to be a stupid bigot in front of the wrong person.

Stereotypes Are A Bigot’s Best Friend — Insert here the old saw about assuming.

His Opinion Carries No Weights — LifterBro, go away.

It’s Immoral To Be Different Than Me! — What’s immoral here is that she gets away with it.

The Land Of Milk And Money — This guy’s attitude is pure bull.

Fat Chance Of An Apology — Someone needed a good hard push out. And not the babies.

Bi-Bye, Mom! — Should have put this one in the terrible parents roundup.

Bigotry Is Not On The Menu — This ‘dine-in’ karma is equally delicious.

They’d Like To Look At The Kid(nap) Menu — There aren’t enough words for how scary bad this is.

Chauvinists To The Right Of Them, Chauvinists To The Left Of Them — Not just sexist, but ableist jerks.

She’s Been Placed On The Blacklist — Stop and wonder how many stores this bigot has been banned from.


We’re sure to do another worst-of-the-bigots roundup, so what stories did we miss?  Do you have your own story of very bad bigotry and misbehavior?  Let us know in the comments or submit it here and maybe you’ll see it in a future roundup!