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Bigotry Stinks

, , , , | Related | March 14, 2020

(My brother is very homophobic; he doesn’t like being called gay, even as a joke.)

Me: “I read this article where it says most men don’t touch their butts or crotches while bathing, since they think it’s gay. Can you believe that?”

Brother: “Of course; touching yourself is gross. The Bible says so.”

Me: “So, you never clean yourself? Yuck!”

Brother: “I do.”

Me: “But you just said…”

Brother: “I just let the water clean it. And, after using the bathroom, I wipe.”

Me:Ew! No wonder you smell!”

Brother: “Better than being gay!”

Me: “No wonder you can’t get a girlfriend.”

(He’d rather smell like butt than be “gay”.)