Bigotry Loves Misdemeanors

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The professor in this story looks and sounds just like you’d imagine a middle-aged white southern belle to be. She lives just a couple minutes’ walk off campus so she’s used to people recognizing and greeting her while she’s in her yard.

We’re just finishing up a discussion on some of the current events going on — namely, the Black Lives Matter movement.

Professor: “Oh, did I tell y’all that I’m now on my third ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner in front of my house?”

Classmate: “Wait, third? What happened to the first two?”

Professor: “Well, the first one was stolen, but my neighbor managed to get the guy’s license plate. We ended up putting an old towel up in its place that had his plate number and, ‘Give me back my s***,’ written on it. He returned it within a few days and claimed he just ‘didn’t agree with it.’ And then it got stolen by someone else a few weeks later, so we just bought a new one. That one also got stolen, so we had to buy a third.

The funniest thing with it, though, was that just the other day, a man in a pickup truck drove by and honked at me, so I just waved at him thinking it was someone from [University]. But after I did that, he stuck his head out the window and yelled, “Black lives DON’T matter!” and I was just dumbfounded!

I just yelled back the first thing at him I could think of: “Don’t you sound smart!” which just pissed him off more. Honestly, the nerve of some people.

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