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Bigotry Is Just Indigenous In Some People

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I’m an Indigenous person. My mother is white and my father is Indigenous, but I was raised fully understanding my First Nations history and on reserve, too. Because of this mixed heritage, people frequently have a hard time “determining” what I am. I have heard it all; Indian, Lebanese, Iranian, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Brazilian, Spanish, Greek, Mexican… almost anything but what I actually am. This type of interaction happens often. Let it also be noted that I think that I have “resting pleasant face” from far too many years in retail.

Stranger: “What are you?”

Me: “Canadian.”

Stranger: “No, I mean your parents.”

Me: “Yeah, Canadian.”

Stranger: “No, I mean, what is your heritage?”

Me: “Canadian.”

Stranger: “No, I mean…”

Me: “Let me cut you off, ‘cause it goes all the way down.”

I’ve also, unfortunately, been subjected to people that are clearly trying to find a way to insult me and claim that I’m somehow undeserving of the job or opportunity I’ve got. They’ll fish in this same way but get increasingly angry at my inability to play into their game.

Honestly, maybe it’s because I am on the autism spectrum, but as disturbing as I find it, it is equally funny to watch them struggle to claim that I’m taking jobs away from “Real Canadians.”

My “favourite” person finally yelled at me, “Go back to where you came from!” I smiled and said, “You go back to where you came from, white boy. I’ve got a card that proves I was here before you.” People, don’t assume people of colour are not from wherever you are, both by recent history or heritage. All you do is show your own ignorance!

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