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Big Shoes, Big Heart

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Our thrift store gets a new person to handle the shoes and purses department. She seems to be settling in well and she proves to be a good worker. It’s fairly common for people in one department to price things for someone in another. One day, several months in, the new person gives a half-yell in frustration.

New Coworker: “Oh, this is bulls***!”

Me: “What’s up, [New Coworker]?”

New Coworker: “Oh, [Coworker] asked me to keep an eye out for high heels for him. Do you have any idea how much that sucks?”

[Coworker] likes to crossdress and do shows.

Me: *Cautiously and a little worried* “Sucks?”

New Coworker: “Yeah, he needs a size ten. The biggest heel size I’ve ever found is a nine, and even that’s turning out to be really rare. I just can’t find any in his size! I found plenty of cute purses for him but no heels!”

Me: *Relieved* “Oh, well, don’t stress about it too much. He probably figured it would be nearly impossible to find them in his size. They probably have to be specially ordered in the store, so it’s not likely they’d be donated often. Just keeping an eye out is a big help.”

A few days later, I saw [New Coworker] with a small tub of priced purses showing them off to [Coworker]. He was overjoyed to go through them and make his choices for his next show.

I think management picked a good one for the team.

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