Big Problems

| Friendly | September 7, 2016

(My friend is American and lives in Seattle. I’m Irish. Two conversations we have had are below:)

Conversation #1:

Me: “I’m coming to America and I’m going to visit you! I’ll be in New York on [Date] so which suits you better, before or after?”

Friend: “Erm, you know Seattle is nowhere near New York, right?”

Me: “Oh, I’ll fly! Don’t worry I’m not planning on taking a train!” *laughs* “I can just get an internal flight, right? What is it, an hour or two?”

Friend: “More like five or six.”

Me: “Bloody h***!”

(I flew overnight and slept on the plane.)

Conversation #2:

Friend: “We don’t know which family to go to for [Daughter]’s first Christmas. My family is in Wisconsin but [Husband] is from [Other State].”

Me: “Why don’t you spend Christmas Day with your family and then go to his on Stephen’s Day? We used to drive to visit family all the time the day after Christmas. Or better yet, stay at home and go visiting the few days after.”

Friend: “Um… America is big.”

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